About the project

The AI-CENTIVE project advances the state of the art in AI research to build and manage a complex mobility data ecosystem as enabler of intelligent applications. The core innovations of AI-CENTIVE aim to support and incentivise mobility behaviour towards choosing more sustainable options, thus reducing carbon emissions from the use of private cars and petrol-/diesel-based means of transportation.

Actionable datasets on mobility choices and options are currently fragmented across data silos in different organisational networks. The sharing and merging of these datasets via a common data ecosystem and its processing by Intelligent Systems – allowing for data sovereignty, security and privacy – supports the training of AI models to explain how and why citizens make certain mobility choices, and to predict their future choices based on multidimensional context parameters such as the weather, the location and duration of upcoming events or the availabili ty of environmentally friendly options.

AI-CENTIVE will produce customised incentives leveraging AI predictions aimed to motivate citizens to adopt those new options and overcome remaining barriers to more sustainable behaviour such as the need to sign up for a new service or the perceived convenience of travelling “as we have always done”.

To achieve this, we will adopt AI-based approaches to predict complex mobility behaviour and optimise incentives in a multidimensional manner, beyond currently available solutions.

How will we do that?

AI-CENTIVE integrates and learns from complex data in order to anticipate mobility needs when moving between locations in Austria. This is used in the user-facing application “ummadum” to promote the most suitable environmentally friendly options where and when they are needed as an alternative to private car use. We encourage changes in citizens’ mobility behavior through appropriate incentives. The optimal mobility options are learned through innovative AI models backed by a knowledge graph that can predict future mobility choices based on different contexts and mobility path modelling. Using the same data and models, a professional visual analytics dashboard also supports decision making by professional stakeholders when devising strategies to increase sustainable mobility in Austria.

Our mission & vision

Sustainable mobility behaviour is a difficult goal to reach, as people are not willing to easily change their habits just because it may help the environment.

Our mission is to develop AI-based incentivisation techniques for influencing citizen’s mobility choices based on multimodal models of mobility activityknowledge graphs and data analytics. 

Our ultimate vision is to enable and incentivize Austrian citizens to find more sustainable mobility choices, increasing awareness and affecting public opinion to develop a more positive attitude towards those sustainable mobility choices.

Join our sustainable mobility ecosystem!

Let’s create together a sustainable mobility ecosystem! We are passionate about contributing to a greener future and reducing carbon emissions through incentivizing sustainable transportation options through AI modelling. Join our ecosystem and be a part of a community that actively supports sustainable mobility and helps to create positive change. We offer a variety of incentives to encourage citizens to choose more sustainable transportation options, such as walking, cycling, or using public transport.

Now you can do this actively via the app of ummadum, the AI-CENTIVE partner. Thanks to the app, you will be able to use the app for everyday mobility tracking and participate in the community challenges promoting #sustainable mobility.

How does it work? Follow the instructions and give a chance to various transport options which are more environmentally friendly than private cars!

And if you want to share your story, ideas, and solutions to a more sustainable mobility future just like this, drop us a message. We will contact you via e-mail to arrange a call to discuss further cooperation possibilities, such as participation in events or webinars.

So, if you’re ready to make a difference and be a part of a community that values sustainability and mobility, contact us today! Sign up now and become a part of the movement towards a greener future!