GeoSphere Austria has been Austria’s Federal Institute for Geology, Geophysics, Meteorology and Climatology since 1 January 2023. It resulted from the merger of the Federal Geological Survey and the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics. As a national geological, geophysical and meteorological service, GeoSphere Austria makes an important contribution to increasing the overall national resilience and crisis resistance and contributes to the precautionary approach to climate change, its consequences and the sustainable development of Austria.

Becoming a part of the AI-CENTIVE consortium serves as a great opportunity to connect research and implementation strategies, allowing GeoSphere Austria to share and apply their scientific competences to mitigation measures.

AI-CENTIVE is seen as a special project since it combines very heterogeneous data sources ranging from current weather conditions, weather predictions along the travel route, mobility information and other, social factors to provide the optimal solution and incentive to use public transportation and/or a bicycle.

GeoSphere Austria is providing and improving weather forecasts which are fed into the knowledge graph. To achieve improved and targeted weather forecasts, different deep learning methods are applied. Thus, with the help of AI-CENTIVE, GeoSphere Austria aims to raise awareness in using the wide variety of non-private car transportation options.

GeoSphere is represented by:

Head of Post-Processing Irene Schicker

Head of Post-Processing Alexander Kann

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