The recent webinar hosted by AI-CENTIVE on April 4th, represents an important development in the progression of AI-Centive.

Featuring insights from Dr. Lyndon Nixon, CTO of MODUL Technology, and Arno Scharl, Managing Director of webLyzard technology, the event attracted a diverse group of attendees eager to explore the dashboard functionalities and how they can harness artificial intelligence to enhance mobility services. The session, conducted online from 10 AM to 12 PM, focused on the capabilities of the AI-CENTIVE dashboard (by webLyzard) to visualize data and support analyses. The key takeaway was the potential of AI to engage with public discourse and stakeholder communication on sustainable mobility, emphasizing how versatile and multi-layered the dashboard can be used to meet individual needs as a tool of the future.

Importantly, the webinar carefully avoided placing excessive focus on sentiment analysis, which has the potential to result in misunderstandings. Instead, the discussion focused on the associations and narratives around chances and new opportunities that the dashboard provides for a clear overview of the sustainability discourse in the media landscape. This approach shed light on the main stories driving the public debate, the perceptions linked with specific mobility services, and the opinion leaders shaping these conversations.

The event underscored the importance of sustainable mobility in addressing pressing issues like climate change, urban congestion, and social equity. It highlighted how technological advancements, including AI, are pivotal in developing solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but also accessible and efficient for the public. Although the number of attendees was modest, a characteristic often seen when launching a new webinar series, this naturally lent itself to more in-depth discussions and a richer exchange during the Q&A sessions and the feedback from participants was predominantly positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the informative presentation the subsequent lively discussion.

Inquiries from the audience revealed a keen interest in the practical applications of AI in mobility and a desire for more initiatives that bring stakeholders together to collaborate on sustainable solutions. As we move forward, AI-CENTIVE remains dedicated to facilitating these essential conversations and exploring innovative ways to drive the mobility of the future. We invite everyone to continue this journey with us by engaging with our community and utilizing tools like the Ummadum app!

For those unable to attend the webinar, please note that preparations for the next session are already underway.

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