How to use AI and new technology to better understand the typical mobility choices of people living in Austria and incentivize them more efficiently for choosing greener transport options? Does this question sound like an exciting challenge? Yes, it does. Does it sound complex? Yes, it does, too. This is the reason why projects like AI-CENTIVE need an external stakeholder advisory board consisting of experts who offer not only a deep expertise but also an external perspective on the running processes and already achieved results.

The first meeting of AI-CENTIVE partners and the Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) took place on October 10, 2023, and gave participants space for an insightful thought exchange. Both project partners and SAB members could take a fresh look at the current results, running processes, and think about implementing new ideas into the future steps. That’s essential for a more objective and productive progress of the project.

This sort of exchange will continue regularly, and we are pleased to introduce the specialists who create the SAB of AI-CENTIVE.


Katrin Brugger

Katrin Brugger is Head of Service Centre of Austrian Climate Research Network CCCA. To her core tasks belong i.a. networking, project management, knowledge gathering & sharing, promoting climate research on both qualitative and quantitative levels and foster the application of its results in Austria. She is also engaged in promoting junior scientists and supporting knowledge transfer as well as providing policymakers and society at large with scientifically sound advice on climate change assessment, climate policy design, and climate adaptation and mitigation measures.






Michael Cik

Michael Cik is Deputy Head at Institute of Highway Engineering and Transport Planning at Graz University of Technology.







Isabela Erdelean

DI Isabela Erdelean MSc. has been working as a Research Engineer and international Project Manager at the AIT Centre for Low-Emission Transport since 2013, with the main focus on road infrastructure and safety; Intelligent Transport Systems; Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) and sustainable and innovative mobility solutions.  She has extensive experience in European projects (Horizon Europe, CEDR, Eurostars), while also being involved in several European and International associations and committees (ERTRAC, ECTRI, FEHRL, PIARC). 






Eliane Horschutz Nemoto

Eliane Horschutz Nemoto is a Sustainable Mobility Expert at ICLEI European Secretariat. Her main interests and expertise lie in strategies, policies, innovations, and tools leading to socio-technical transitions towards sustainable mobility. At ICLEI she is currently involved in several projects and initiatives for climate-neutral cities and sustainable mobility. Her main topics cover push and pull policies for modal shift, data for mobility, and measures for co-creating and co-designing spaces in the cities to foster active mobility.






Lena Reiser

As a member of the Mobility and Transportation Technologies Department within DG Innovation at the Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, and Innovation Technology, Lena’s role as a mobility expert centers around the national initiative for achieving climate-neutral cities (, urban mobility, and digitalization in the field of transportation.






Daniela Rizzi

Dr. Daniela Rizzi is a Senior Expert for Nature-Based Solutions and Biodiversity at ICLEI Europe with a PhD in landscape planning by the Technical University of Munich. Daniela has been leading the conceptualisation, dissemination and implementation of UrbanByNature – a facilitated capacity-building and expertise-sharing programme on nature-based solutions to empower local governments all over the world to plan, implement and harness the multifold potential of NBS for sustainable and nature-positive development. Author of one of the most downloaded NBS publications of the European Commission: “The vital role of nature-based solutions in a nature-positive economy”.






Nora Spiegel

Nora Spiegel is Team Leader Mobility Ecosystems at AustriTech, a non-profit-organisation, owned by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.






Stefan Woltran

Stefan Woltran is Professor of Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Co-Director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (CAIML) at Vienna University of Technology. His research focuses on problems in the area of knowledge representation and reasoning, argumentation, complexity analysis in AI and logic programming. In 2013, he received the prestigious START award from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and he is a fellow of the European Association for Artificial Intelligence (EURAI).





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