On 10 October 2023 the AI-CENTIVE partners met for the first time with the project Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB). The board consists of scientists whose expertise in the field of mobility, AI, and technology as well as their external perspective will enhance the current project results and assist them developing more efficiently.  

The two-hour online meeting was an informative exchange of knowledge and expertise on both sides. All the AI-CENTIVE partners: MODUL Technology, webLyzard technology, GeoSphere Austria, ummadum, DIO – Data Intelligence Offensive, and BOKU, presented their roles in the project, explained the current stage, and outlined the goals.  

Those overviews gave a deep dive to the advisors: Katrin Brugger, Michael Cik, Isabela Erdelean, Eliane Horschutz-Nemoto, Lena Reiser, and Nora Spiegel, who actively commented on each part and left their comments.  

Quality of data for an accurate model training in reference to the mobility behaviours, forecasting the mobility choices of large groups of people, creating reliable behavioural patterns based on the results, were just a few of topics discussed in detail. As a result, further dissemination ideas have been put forward and its successful implementation will be verified by the AI-CENTIVE team.  

The Stakeholder Advisory Board will meet on an annual basis. More frequent meetings are possible, though, whenever a further external expertise will be needed. The SAB members expressed an interest in the future events of AI-CENTIVE which will drive to even more vivid discussions about the future of sustainable mobility and use of AI for more accurate estimations of mobility choices in Austria.  

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