MODUL Technology is the non-profit research and innovation spin-off company of Modul University Vienna. It involves University faculty and technology experts in nationally and internationally funded projects, working on innovative near-to-market data and knowledge-based research and solutions. It draws on Modul University’s existing know-how and competency through its various Schools in knowledge acquisition and management, the analysis and prediction of consumer behaviour, and the development of media monitoring and business intelligence applications, as well as the use of digital techniques for interactive marketing.

MODUL Technology is not just part of AI-CENTIVE, it is the project leader, taking overall responsibility for the project activities and success.

We all know that climate change is a present and great danger. It is vital to learn how we can change citizens’ mobility behaviour towards choosing more sustainable options. This can lead to concrete societal benefits, reducing CO2 emissions and keeping our world safer for future generations.

MODUL Technology is excited that research and development in areas of interest, such as Web data collection and interpretation, knowledge extraction and modelling, as well as AI deep learning for prediction can serve to make real positive change in society.

The goal is to turn data about present mobility choices for travel around Austria into actionable information thanks to efficient knowledge extraction. A common mobility data ecosystem will merge this data, allowing the project partners to build new AI models that learn to anticipate mobility choices, based on varying contexts such as the time of the week, the weather and external events. Given the availability of more environmentally friendly options, MODUL Technology will develop more AI models to learn which incentives can most effectively lead to taking a more sustainable form of mobility

With the help of AI-CENTIVE, MODUL Technology is hoping to provide technology that not only practically leads to more sustainable mobility behaviour in Austria in the future, but that the same approaches and models could be applicable in other regions and countries so that a more sustainable future for all will be promoted.

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