webLyzard technology is an Austrian deep tech SME founded in 2008 with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Web intelligence and visual analytics research.  The unique capabilities of its big data platform are based on a strong R&D track record (FFG, Horizon Europe, 2020, FP7, CHIST-ERA, Google DNI) in knowledge extraction, co-creation and visualisation, semantic search and the integration of geospatial and semantic Web technologies. The platform enables a wide range of use cases including data-driven brand communication, news data value chains and visual search for corporate publishing. Clients of webLyzard include the U.S. Department of Commerce, the United Nations Environment Programme and consumer brands in various B2C sectors.

webLyzard anticipates important extensions of its AI-powered knowledge extraction and visualisation portfolio, particularly in regard to the multi-dimensional context and incentive modelling.

The focus on sustainable mobility is not only well-aligned with webLyzard’s previous work for NOAA Climate.gov and UN Environment, they will also expand the insights and predictive capabilities generated in the EcoMove project. Closely working together with the AI-Centive consortium partners, the additional capabilities will be tailored to the requirements of mobility stakeholders and made available through webLyzard’s visual analytics dashboard and related data services.

AI-CENTIVE brings together an interdisciplinary consortium with the required expertise to build a novel platform to optimize incentives and promote sustainable mobility behaviours. AI-CENTIVE will capture and aggregate large amounts of digital content for two applications that perfectly complement each other – the ummadum app for individual users and the webLyzard visual analytics dashboard targeting professional stakeholders. The ummadum app will transform generated insights into specific suggestions and user experiences. The dashboard helps to better understand how events, observable trends, and shifts in public opinion can affect sustainable mobility behaviour. 

webLyzard will host the infrastructure of AI-CENTIVE, and provide the required REST APIs to upload and access the data, and to enrich it with multidimensional context information.

webLyzard will also develop a Visual Analytics and Decision Support Pilot to serve aggregated information to professional mobility stakeholders, including both structured and unstructured data sources, and to assess perceptions and opinions of Austrian citizens from larger cities towards sustainable mobility options in general and specific incentives in particular.

By means of AI-based predictions and decision support services, webLyzard hopes to support stakeholders in the sustainable mobility sector. This will include significant extensions of webLyzard’s visual analytics capabilities in regard to the seamless integration and analysis of unstructured and structured data. Such an integration will shed light on the mobility debate in Austria, among citizens as well as professional stakeholders, and how it impacts behavioural patterns. Insights into the effectiveness of incentives will also help to finetune the recommendations built into the Storypact editor, a recent spin-out of webLyzard.

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